Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I know... Don't say it,,,, I have no recent pictures to post from our pumpkin journey, thanks to not having a camera, and then there is Megan who's camera is on the fritz. But I had to add something. :) Nothing of the big kids, but will make them pose for me one of these days. Its hard to believe that these little gobblins are so big now. Seems like yesterday, I was posing Lucas by the pumpkins on the deck in Colorado trying to get that perfect picture and now he is in Pre-K. Even though times are getting away from me, there are so many wonderful memories of our kids. So why not share some of the old pictures. I know you will all get a kick out of them anyways.

We had a wonderful weekend. Busy, and I survived it with all my driving, games, pumpkin farm, dairyqueen, you name it we did it and had fun doing it. Megan and Sam came with us, Sam pushed the heavy load of pumpkins, then it was time to go get a goody as Iwasn't paying what they wanted for theirs, and we headed home. Oh, before that was soccer games. Lucas's team kicked butt, and Rylee my gosh, she was so awesome out there. Her team lost, but they put up a big fight.

Now its already Wednesday almost, and its been very busy. I volunteered today in two classrooms which I am observing for one of my classes. I really enjoy it. Rylee has half days all week so we have been doing fun things after school.

Her school conference was Monday and she is above her grade level. " High Five To Rylee" I am very proud of her. She loves to write and writes everyday. I am hoping I will have a famous book worm on my hands. Its so fun to watch her create. She even writes a journal. Its really neat. Only six and look at her..... " SO SWEET"

All the kids are doing super. We are getting ready for Halloween. We are in the baking mode. Lucas and I made pumpkin muffins before school, barely made it out today because he insisted on them.:)

Its been such a great week so far, just busy.... Will keep you all posted and will work on the pictures.

Luv you all and miss you dearly.......

Kimberly and Family

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