Thursday, September 18, 2008

~Busy week~

Hello Fam~
We have had a very busy week. I started volunteering in two classrooms this week. I volunteer in one of the kindergarten rooms, then I head over to Rylee's classroom for two hours. I plan on doing this two days a week, three hours each time. Its alot of fun and I really enjoy working with the kids. Rylee didn't know what to think and she was so shy. It was funny. She kept on hugging me alot, so I know she was glad I was there.
Lucas is doing wonderful in pre-school. He knows the routine and its so cute to watch him start up conversations with his classmates. The teachers really enjoy him and they tell me he is so quiet. Is that a good thing? I am reading a story to his class on Monday, so I am looking forward to seeing his reaction to me in his classroom.

Megan has been busy with school. Our routine changes daily. She is able to do half days, then goes to work, either I or Sam, sometimes Michelle pick her up. She is doing very well at PetCo. Her manager really enjoys her and the customers love her. She just went out of her way this week to help a family with a dog they had brought in and was in need of love. She gave him a bath for free and the customers went as far as leaving her boss a high five for Meg. So way to go Meg! She was given a special reward for great customer service. Here is a funny picture of her and Sam. They are glued at the hips. This would be a crazy picture of them.

Maybe Meg will check the blog and laugh.... Her amazing laugh... HA! HA! HA!

Zach is doing great in school and skates like crazy. His shoes really show it. But now he wears the junky ones and saves the good ones for school. He just bought a new board and he does go through them alot. Very exspensive hobby. He just went to see pro skaters in Camarillo and he was able to grab free t-shirts, stickers, and they autograph what you bring in such as your skateboard. Zach has three now on his wall. His birthday is around the corner and he will be 13 which is hard to believe. He is so tall. He is taller then me now. Here is a picture of him with a pro skater.

Hard to believe its Friday, but it is... We have a busy weekend. On Fridays we do pizza night, with a movie. Its cuddle time. Early Saturday are our games, plan on going hiking with Rocco and Sunday is church and if its nice we are heading to the beach. Then our busy week starts all over again. I will stay on top of this I promise.. I luv you all!!!!!


TheSchnArnoTicks said...

This is a great blog! You are really making a wonderful life for the kids. I am so proud of you. It is great that you get to be with them and do all the special things that a mom should be able to with her kids. You are the best! Love you. Sue bug :)

P.S. Where did you find this background. I love it. I am stealing it if I can find it. :)

Michael, Kelly and Kai Hobbs said...

I love all the pictures of the kids! I really love the swimming one because Ry-bear couldn't be any cuter in that bikini! That's what I'll miss about not having a little least I have my 2 nieces! I hope your week is as fun as this one:) Can't wait to read another post. Keep it up sis!